UBD KEY believes that business development means to develop entrepreneurial and managerial thinking in order to fulfill business objectives and visions. It is a scary hard management position because it requires a unique thinking with very specific attributes. One of the most important roles is to oversee and coordinate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions in a company.

Well, let be honest here for a moment, companies should invest much more into CRM systems because of a shrinking world and tough competitors. What does it mean?

A shrinking world means that you can shop everywhere – for example, to buy a camera lens – there are so many options, so many online places and delivery is often reasonably priced. Can a Swedish company hire a lawyer from Spain to complete a transaction based on English law? Certainly.

Many times, you buy something or use services, and you get a nice smile and goodbye. However, has it happened to you that a company actually asked about how you like a product or if your customer satisfaction with services was an adequate?

Time to time, we see progressive companies doing that, however, even a small business, family run company or a local law firm can do it in order to get more happier customers. And, it does not necessary cost a fortune. All you need to do is to develop and implement a smart CRM system within a firm.

How UBD KEY can help?

CRM means customer care management, so a main goal is to provide customers with the very best care – it covers so many business aspects that at the end of the day, CRM should be visible everywhere in a business.

For example, how to design a nice newsletter so it targets future clients? Digital people come with ideas, marketing people with a lovely design and department directors with sophisticated structures. All is good. However, then a business development manager comes with ‘wrapping up’ – how to utilize all the above mentioned into a final result bearing in mind not only business development targets, but also CRM strategy. Consequently, CRM is a part of business development management for UBD KEY because it is just crucial thing to run within the firm.

CRM deals with future clients, current customers and also special categories of buyers. For UBD KEY, a main idea roots in an old-fashioned saying that it is cheaper to keep current customers than to get new ones. In other words, get new customers without taking a good quality care about current ones is super expensive. Therefore, it is a logicall output to run a great CRM system in a firm.

Advertisement increase your popularity, frankly, temporary. A long-term vision is achieved by a decent business infrastructure where CRM plays a solid role.

What does it mean to have CRM system?

It is not a big deal to buy a special CRM system designed by a well-known companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and many others. Those guys know how to do business – otherwise – they wouldn’t be in it. However, there is a step before you should consider. It says – what do you want CRM system to help with in your business? How sophisticated it should be, who runs it, how well integrated or what sort of cost you put it in…questions goes and goes. To get the answers, it is good to speak with either business development manager or with a consultant, for instance, UBD KEY 🙂

Based on experience, many firms struggle with financial aspects of CRM – it is just too expensive to run it. It turns down many opportunities and raise more challenges. However, this is usually due to orthodox sales techniques offering variety of CRM functions which you do not really need to have.

Therefore, it is much better to consult CRM system for your firm and sit down with a consultant – yes, you pay for this service, however, it is much cheaper than to overpay a whole CRM system by thousands.

All you really need is a CRM system that fulfills basic requirements to get an edge over competitors in your field-area-region. If you are a small business, you can even design your own CRM which cost much less, it is fully under your control and you can customize it whenever needed. Speak with UBD KEY about it.

The most important ideas to consider

Firstly, consider your business position and what are your CRM system expectations. In many cases, people have unrealistic dreams about CRM often see it as a secret wand helping to get a maximum profit.

Secondly, run a review about your business and data collection. CRM is like a hungry child – it needs to be fed by data. Which data do you collect? Do you have a foundation to implement CRM? Or, in more general terms, is your business ready for CRM?

Thirdly, do not overthink it – make it easy to run, manage and adjust – so you end up with a flexible solution. Do you know that joke about people writing reports in a big corporation, then presenting them and finally realizing that the world has already moved forward and those reports become obsolete? Well, build your CRM step by step.

It is crucial to create a long-term value for clients, so they know where to go in order to get products and services. And, do not forget, get your new customers via the current ones.

For more information about CRM management, contact UBD KEY.