What does it mean to have an online business identity? 

It is a pretty standard model to have own business website, eshop or social profiles on Facebook-Instagram. Companies lure potential customers in a dynamic online world. However, why do we like some websites or eshops more than others?

Firstly, we should know something about a business identity. It represents management tools which companies use to promote their business concepts to clients, general public, investors and even competitors.

Company buildings (headquarters), receptions or product catalogs are those “offline” parts of an identity. Do we like a law firm where we feel comfortable and nice rather than a messy office, unfriendly reception staff or a meeting room which looks like a corridor? Certainly. A company put some effort into its offline identity, so people can see that someone cares.

An online identity has similar principles. Imagine, we sit on a train reading some emails and browsing the Internet. As usually, we have our email inboxes full of offers to buy something. We might like some products, however, in many cases, we like a nice website, a fully functional eshop or an easy navigation to what we really want to find out on the Internet. Here, we can find really lovely websites or not so friendly ones. When we see a good website, we usually say wow, this one really rocks – it is easy to navigate, business concept is clear and we can find out what we really look for within the seconds. We can see that someone put an effort into it because that person cares about customers. Well done!

To have an online business identity means that our customers can visit our company in the online world – they are very welcome to do so.

How to make an online business identity a successful story of your business?  

One of the most important factors of how to pursue an online business identity is to set up crystal clear characteristics of business. It means to know to specify business visions, principles, how you want a website to look like, how to take care of social profiles or design an eshop solution. It is basically about a structure and design.

Moreover, you should consider two very important things. Firstly, to send a message to customers about what you really offer and what sort of intention is your business about on a market. Secondly, no matter where a business is located, you should remember that customers shop worldwide in these times – so, you must be within modern trends in order to be competitive.

There are many companies and freelancers to use. Experts in SEO – in other words, people who can help to business to be more visible in search engines. Marketing agents can help with strategy or online advertisement. However, where is a foundation of an online identity? What is a key element of it?

The answer is an idea. Someone comes before all above mentioned with an idea of how a business will manage its identity. Someone draws a structure, designs visual understanding of a website, eshop or social profiles. Someone thinks about how to deal with SEO people, marketing experts or which technology to use in order to stay globally competitive.

That’s what UBD KEY does – business development services – where online (and offline) identity plays important role for businesses progress. UBD KEY works with ideas of how to design or improve an online identity to a sophisticated level making it enjoyable for customers and pleasant for business owners.

Let’s try out if we spot a difference. Well, I would like to have a website for my business with an online shop. Well, I have a project for a redesigned website and eshop which I completed with UBD KEY business development consultant. What do you think, in which scenario is an IT person responsible for a technical part of a website going to be happier to work with us? Definitely, the second option is much more acceptable, quicker and more effective.

How to know what is a good online identity? 

The best option is to evaluate it by UBD KEY and get some independent answers. In many cases, people suddenly get a different point of view to what they considered as a good solution. An independent evaluation opens eyes to what we face every day – new challenges.

Then, it is important to manage an online identity – to care about it – so customers can see a difference. You know, the identity is always dynamic, it lives in the online world, it develops. Can our customers see this? If so, then we are on a good way.

Finally, it is crucial to invest into it regularly. Investments bring opportunities and positive impulses for our business. Investments should be smart – it means, even a small business can afford a great online identity, it is not about shelling out some money, but more about directing investments into something meaningful and practical.

Our customers behave in some way – all we need to do is to understand what they actually want to see and buy. By creating a great online identity, we are saying hey guys, we are here for you, and we made our online world more comfortable for you – please, visit us and have a fun. Even a conservative law firm can create a stunning website with a strong message – we are a conservative law firm, but we also understand a modern world.

All what I wrote can be managed by you – it is about ideas and smart business thinking. UBD KEY is here to help because business reputation matters.

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