UBD KEY considers paperless initiative very seriously because it is scary to read about how many tons of paper are used by offices worldwide (some facts).

It is just super easy to say, oh could you please print it out for me? Please, think before you do. UBD KEY documents look great because they are not made in default settings. For example, our header section is only on the first page, our document margins and the footer section are set to min.

Sounds almost not exciting, however, this saves a lot of trees. 100% paperless office doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, but 99.9% paperless office could be created by anyone in the world. Please, go paperless and save the trees. If you are our client, be proud of collaborating with UBD KEY and think about this initiative when strolling around your favorite park or forest.


(Image Source: http://blacklemag.com/technology/ways-to-minimise-paper-use/)