Everyday, we think about our business in terms of better future, right? Thinking about innovations, plans and ways of how to get a better business position on the market. We often miss important dates in a diary and shrink our family time or events with friends due to being busy. It is also a trend to have a private psychologist because we like speaking with someone who actually listen to us. Business life is not an ideal world.

Do we really know our company? Are we sure about what we are doing? Some people say, of course we do. Others cannot response with 100% certainty. Considering market regulations and challenges, it is not easy to know our business. Oh, sounds a bit controversial? Probably. However, let’s have a look at it in more details.

UBD KEY has developed some ideas which help business owners and managers to know their business well. Business Review is a special service based on pragmatism and experience underlined by independent evaluation.

Business Review comes usually with five evaluated categories:

  • The Firm
  • Products and Services
  • Online Business Identity
  • CRM System
  • Sale



The Firm 

A business structure, strategy, management, visions, TOWS analysis or competitor analysis – all we do regularly, right? Certainly. Nevertheless, there are so many slightly hidden things we can easily oversee. Our business is developing like everything around us.

Therefore, it is nice to know an independent view about our business – something we can miss, but still correct it when we know about it. A bottom line is that Business Review reveals risk points of our business before a risk is actually taken. Consequently, business owners and managers are ready to face the challenges due to knowing about all parts of their business; moreover, reported by an independent consultant taking into consideration both, strengths and weaknesses.


Products and Services 

Are you keeping a pace with competitors? Are your products and services innovative enough? What’s about segmentation, can you fulfil customers requirements? Questions and questions, how easy to ask, isn’t it? Hmm, more difficult to answer them. Let be honest here, what was the last time you re-evaluate your products and services bearing in mind markets development? It is like being in a restaurant and reading its menu, you either say wow, I want to order…or…you say, all right, we eat and go. Where do you stand? If you want your business to have a wow effect and interest customers on a maximum scale, then it is time to think about how good products and services you offer.


Online Business Identity  

It is a pretty standard model to have own business website, eshop or social profiles on Facebook-Instagram. Companies lure potential customers in a dynamic online world. However, why do we like some websites or eshops more than others?

To have an online business identity means that our customers can visit our company in the online world – they are very welcome to do so.

Our customers behave in some way – all we need to do is to understand what they actually want to see and buy. By creating a great online identity, we are saying hey guys, we are here for you, and we made our online world more comfortable for you – please, visit us and have a fun. Even a conservative law firm can create a stunning website with a strong message – we are a conservative law firm, but we also understand a modern world. And how is your online business identity?



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a significant part of a business model. Customers behavior is often tricky. We cannot estimate it on 100%, however, we can do everything in order to be ready to slightly influence it. In which way? Well, we should offer an added value to what is already on a market, so customers can decide more easily what to buy. There is a great discussion about Fuji and Sony customer services in Northern America. Who is selling more cameras? The answer is important, but you know what, it is more important that this discussion emerged. Sony needs to step in and make some changes because otherwise, discussion becomes a reputation.

There are many special CRM systems you can implement in business. Some of them are super expensive, others cheaper. Perhaps, your business has no CRM system. You might think it is for big corporations only. The truth is somewhere in a middle – it is not convenient to apply a super sophisticated CRM system in a local bakery. However, it is also not the best idea to give up and have no system CRM at all.

At UBD KEY, we think CRM system is based on a clear business concept that you pursue in your business. No matter if you are a big corporation or a smaller size business, CRM system is something you can create by ideas and leadership. Is it a shame to run it on an open source office system like LibreOffice? No, not at all. It is a brilliant idea if it satisfies your needs. Is it shame that you paid a lot of money for some super expensive system? No, no at all. It might bring you multiple value once properly implemented. The most important are results in practice – customers decisions to chose our business.



Sale means income. UBD KEY takes a glance at your sale style, sale data analysis and sale channels. How do you sell? What is your style?

Even the best sale person likes challenges – why? Because it moves a quality of sale forward. There is always a room for improvement, but how to discover it? And here, UBD KEY comes with its solution of a complete Business Review which connects all possible business elements into a comprehensive output. There is no magic sale stick or a trick, it is usually a hard work. Let’s make it smarter and more enjoyable.


When to call UBD KEY and get a Business Review: 

  • A start up business willing to know more about its position and possible sale techniques considering targeted markets
  • A business that wants to expand its activities, offer more services and products, however, in a smart way without rushing up, instead, with a good consideration of all options on a table
  • A business which is on the decline stage, something is not right – a solution is needed in order to prevent a bankruptcy.
  • A business owner is older or wants to relax more, travel or do something different in a life – a question has emerged – what to do next with a current business?
  • A family business which has not implemented any innovation due to traditions, however, the world is different, so some changes are necessary – time to call a consultant to discuss future options.
  • Every business or manager interested in an independent Business Review – a great investment into future decisions.


At the end of the day, there is a great output – Business Review – a complete report about your business. It provides you with an independent opinions, enhances your position when negotiating with business partners and strengthening your business thinking. You know what is the best reward for UBD KEY? Your – Oh, right, this sounds interesting…oh, I missed this, many thanks for providing me with this information…All right, I did not even think about it, but is is a time to implement it, cheers UBD KEY.

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